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About me

From fashion stylist on the set to personal stylist, my luggage is full of experiences and passions. Now I'm bringing them directly to you.

Tange Yoshiko Portrait

Bonjour! I'm Yoshiko, a Japanese Parisian with over twenty years of experience in the fashion industry. Throughout my journey, I've taken on diverse roles such as a fashion editor, catwalk show producer, and wardrobe stylist for commercials.

Since 2015, as a personal stylist and personal shopper, I have been assisting men and women of all ages worldwide in discovering their styles and building their wardrobes.

Throughout this time, I've been a part of various episodes – assisting a student in finding the perfect interview suit, helping a man rediscover his confidence and his charm post-breakup, and curating the entire wardrobe for a woman moving into fashion-lacking countries.

The trust my clients have placed in me has been instrumental in my growth, shaping my distinctive methods over time.

Today, I guide you with the “LESS IS MORE” aesthetic concept. This aligns with both my Japanese heritage and the Parisian eternal elegance and involves a meticulous process of selection, purchasing, and a commitment between you and your clothing.

Consider your clothing as your life partner, and let's embrace an elegant and harmonious lifestyle together.

Tange Yoshiko Portrait

YOSHIKO TANGE Principales References

Celebrities: Zinedine Zidane, Estelle Lefebure, Melanie Thierry, Ai Tominaga, Anne Watanabe
Commercials: Maxmara group, Piaget, Bulgari, Roger Debuis, L'oréal, Lancôme, Samsung, Citroen, Hyndai

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